Brad Atchison

Brad Atchison

Chief Executive Officer, Univerus Software
(Acquired 11 companies over the past 3 years. Formerly worked at Constellation Software, one of Canada’s largest acquirers)

As the Chief Executive Officer at Univerus Software, we have acquired fifteen businesses and have built a 30M business in under three years.  Our strategy focuses on specific verticals, developing or acquiring best-of-breed solutions, and integrating them into comprehensive software platforms.    

Previously at Constellation Software, I was tasked with acquiring and merging a group of companies and integrating them into a collective operating group.  Using the strength of each of their independent customer bases, we created software integration strategies to allow them to access the consolidated customer base to grow each of their brands.

As a GM of a Constellation company, we grew the company’s net revenue tenfold in 10 years and improved the profitability from single-digit margins to over 35%.  As a result, this company became one of the fastest-growing companies in the Constellation software family.

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