Hannes Blum

Hannes Blum


The German industrial engineer left Boston Consulting after just a few years to launch Justbooks. Until mid-2015 he was President & CEO of Abebooks in Canada; his term of office saw various acquisitions, investments and the sale of AbeBooks to Amazon. Hannes Blum demonstrates impressive consistency, stamina and strategic vision. The wholehearted entrepreneur has won numerous awards in his field, including “Entrepreneur of the Year in the Consumer Category Pacific Region” from Ernst & Young. Despite his many active investments and seats on supervisory boards, he has never lost his infectious sense of humor. The family man from the Black Forest brightens up every skiing party. His passion for tennis has taken him into Canada’s national team. And last but not least: he bears the standard for Acton in Canada and North America, reinforcing the team in its quest for new trends and investments.

Steps: Boston Consulting Group, Founder and MD of JustBooks Abebooks Europe GmbH, President & CEO of Abebooks, VP Amazon.com

Portfolio: Mobify (CAN), Eloquii (USA), Chefsplate (CAN)

Vancouver Program Toronto Program