In technology, mergers and acquisitions are a regular occurrence and can be a path to growth. Every tech company needs to be “M&A Ready”. Learn from the biggest exit success stories, the multiple exit stories, and connect with the players that made them happen.

TechExit NOW is the virtual version of Canada’s only event for technology industry players who want to understand the details of M&A strategies for technology companies. Our remote conference promises relevant, tangible strategies for navigating the new world of M&A during a recession or downturn and preparing your company for a comeback. This event is not just for tech companies looking to exit in the near term – it is about being “M&A ready” from day one.

  • How will COVID affect the valuation of my business?
  • What does M&A look like in 2021?
  • Are buyers still buying?

Learn from experts, network with industry peers and connect with the top minds in M&A all from the comfort of your own home.

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In tech, exits are a part of doing business, but how many people are prepared?

Learn more with the TechExit Playbook, powered by PwC. Download this step-by-step guide and start your M&A planning today!

Conference MC

shannon byrne susko

Former President & CEO - Subserveo (acquired by DST systems); Author "3HAG Way"

Shannon has more than 20 years of experience building and leading high-growth technology companies in the financial services industry. She co-founded, served as CEO, and led the sale of the two companies less than six years apart: Subserveo, Inc (Founded in 2008 * Sold 2011) and Paradata Systems Inc. (Founded in 1995 * Sold in 2006).

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What past attendees say

What a fantastic virtual conference! Everyone was quite welcoming and engaging. The speakers and the sessions were varied and interesting.

It was so much easier to engage and focus during this virtual conference than any other in person conference I have attended. 

This was probably the best conference I've attended in the past few years. It offered both big picture ideas and practical tactics.

Even though it's all virtual, it was completely engaging - the speakers and content really made me think and reflect on things.

The organizers really get it!

Let's make the most of our new virtual world instead of lamenting the loss of the physical.

Things can still be fun and innovative and this virtual event has made that clear!