Paul Pagliaro

Paul Pagliaro

Director, M&A, Business and Corporate Development - Jonas Software

Over the past several years my focus was to grow divisions of large institutions in a short period, help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while providing them financial freedom and a proper succession plan.

Within one of the largest Canadian Banks, I held several senior management roles in Sales, Client Service, Operations, Risk Management, IT and Marketing from 1992 – 2002. These experiences along with a fast track on the company’s senior executive Foundations of Leadership Program provided me with a tremendous foundation to manage, grow and excel in businesses.

Following my more than 22 years in a corporate environment, I acquired a small software company focused on business management, CRM, Online Scheduling and Marketing in 2009. Built the company from 600 clients to over 4500 in a short period and sold the business in 2014.

Subsequently, I acquired a minority interest in a NYC company, developed and executed on the strategic plan for a few years and sold this company in March 2017. In both scenarios, I was able to help the Founders exit the business with tremendous returns on their original investments.

In February 2016, I joined a very successful M&A team of one of the largest Canadian Software companies, which has completed over 300 acquisitions within the last 20 years.

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