Covid is presenting potential buyers with new acquisition opportunities every day – is now the time to consider growth by acquisition? Whether it’s about competition, consolidations in your industry, or team talent, you may need to consider growth by acquisition strategies. Before you are ready to buy a company, however, you need to understand what problem you are trying to solve.        

This session will address the essential do’s and don’ts for getting buy-side ready and identify some of the significant mistakes companies unknowingly make which end up limiting their options and impacting the outcome of potential acquisitions.  This session will discuss reasons to become a buyer and the strategy behind it including:   

  • aquahires  
  •  assets   
  • ip   
  • whole co.   

You will learn:   

  • How to choose who to buy (product/culture/revenue) and how to spot acquisition opportunities before other prospective buyers   
  • How and what to prepare   
  • Obligations & liabilities to look for   
  • How to handle intellectual property issues    
  • Why company culture fit is important   
  • Why cost & length of integration is important    
  • See the key mistakes buyers make when acquiring new businesses
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