This is where you get M&A-Ready 

“ is the go-to event for technology industry players who want to understand the ins and outs of selling and buying technology companies.”    

Explore the potential of Canadian tech M&A in 2025! Despite recent declines in deal volume, the market is filled with optimism for M&A in the year ahead.

Emerging players in the small-to-mid-cap range, previously on the sidelines, are poised to make a splash. Favourable market conditions will reward tech companies with robust balance sheets and strategic buyers from diverse sectors eager to integrate technology into their operations. For sellers, the time is ripe, especially as the costs of business have risen amid inflation and limited access to venture capital. In addition, anticipate exciting advancements as M&A acquirers harness AI for deal sourcing and evaluation.

Join us at TechExit in on Wednesday, February 25, 2025, at the Vancouver Convention Centre West as we navigate the dynamic landscape of tech M&A in 2025!