In every acquisition, there are a number of key terms (including price but much more) that are at stake. As a seller, your bargaining power diminishes when you go “exclusive” with a prospective buyer – hence it is important for you to be well prepared and know in advance what are your desired outcomes on a number of fronts. This session will explore if the current climate can actually help you to gain leverage in the negotiation process.       

You will learn:    

  • What “market” is for terms these days and how deal terms have changed during COVID    Considerations if you’re pursuing a sale and running out of cash     
  • How to maximize leverage and bargaining power while you have it    
  • Common terms included in transaction structures    
  • Do terms correlate to the type of tech company? (eg: services companies vs software companies vs MSPs, etc)    
  • Earn-outs – how to make them more favourable
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