Boris Wertz

Boris Wertz

Entrepreneur turned investor, Entrepreneur at AbeBooks (sold to Amazon) and Early-stage investor through Version One VC
Current portfolio of 100+ investments, including Ada, Booster Fuels, Coinbase, Dapper Labs, Jobber, Outreach, Shippo and Uniswap

Boris Wertz is founding partner of Version One Ventures and one of the top early-stage tech investors in North America. Born in Germany and based in Vancouver, Boris takes a wide-angle view to find great companies regardless of location, backing mission-driven founders in the earliest stages. 

Today, the Version One portfolio includes more than 100 startups across crypto/web 3, climate/energy, marketplaces and SaaS with incredible companies like Ada, Coinbase, Dapper Labs, Jobber, Outreach, Shippo and Uniswap changing the way we live and work. 

Before becoming an investor, Boris built an online marketplace for used and out-of-print books in 1999, selling the business to where he became COO and led a team of 60 people. After was sold to Amazon, he moved into investing, first as an angel and now with Version One. With this deep operational experience, Boris helps other entrepreneurs scale their companies and navigate each stage of the startup journey. 

Boris completed his PhD at the Graduate School of Management (WHU) Koblenz, majoring in Business Economics & Business Management. In 2005, he was named the Pacific Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

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