Within four years, Dan Martell had scaled the business to 30 employees when he received an acquisition offer that would change his life. Martel has gone on to start and exit two more businesses since, and in this talk, he shares his acquisition negotiation tips and tricks.

You’ll learn:

  • The strategic shift Dan Martell made at the four-year mark which made is business much more valuable
  • A negotiation trick to get all your potential acquirers into one room
  • How to use currency arbitrage
  • Where to find the most natural, strategic buyers for your business
  • How to approach potential acquirer without losing negotiation leverage
  • The secret to getting the deal terms you want (Martell cut his industry’s standard three-year earn-out down to just six months)
  • The definition of optionality and why you want it
  • The surprising downside of a big financial windfall
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