Brenda Irwin

Brenda Irwin


Brenda is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Relentless Venture Fund (Relentless).  Relentless  is a mission-based, health technology venture capital fund that invests in preventative and proactive solutions that optimize health, activity and longevity. Relentless builds upon Relentless Pursuit Partners’ (RPP) sport and health technology angel investment group that Brenda co-founded with 4x Olympian and triathlete Simon Whitfield.

Prior to launching Relentless and RPP, Brenda was a member of the Healthcare Venture Capital team for the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). A seasoned VC and Board Director, Brenda has been a member of 15 private and public companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Brenda is an instructor for the Canadian Private Capital Investment School, is a mentor and instructor for Female Founders, and is an Associate for the Creative Destruction Lab’sHealth cohort in Vancouver

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