Positioning your company based on your technology, product, team or brand could be the single most powerful factor to ultimately stoke acquisition interest in your firm. Covid has flipped the M&A world upside down and back again, so are you prepared for what acquirers are looking for in this new climate?  What do buyers look for when assessing a potential acquisition? Growth prospects, bottom line, management team and strategic fit are just a few of the considerations.      In this session you will hear from a broad spectrum of serial acquirers who will help you get in the mindset of active buyers in today’s turbulent market, and understand which buyers are buying, and why.     

This session will dive into:    

  • The metrics that matter most to different buyer personas     
  • Lessons these buyers have learned along the way     
  • How did cultural fit impact the purchase process    
  • If you just want to take some cash off the table, what kind of partner or buyer is right for you      
  • Hear about the process successful acquirers go through before making an offer
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