Fraser Hall

Fraser Hall

Partner, Rhino Ventures and Co-Founder & Director at Article (Co-Founder of Recon Instruments- Acquired by Intel)

As co-founder and former Chairman of Recon Instruments, Fraser and Dan are recognized for bringing the first consumer heads-up display technology to market. After a successful exit to Intel in 2015, Fraser, Dan, and Jay founded Rhino to support entrepreneurs in a way that was severely underserved in Western Canada.

As a founder, operator, advisor, and angel investor, Fraser has a wealth of experience with both bootstrapped and venture-backed businesses – most notably and Recon Instruments. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with companies to enable them to learn from his successes, and more importantly, his mistakes. He credits some of his success to never backing down from a challenge, having an uncanny ability to remain level headed when sh*t hits the fan, and being unapologetically scrappy. He brings an adventurous, yet pragmatic, approach to all aspects of life, and as a lifelong entrepreneur, activist, and technology leader, he has a natural ability to bring order and calm to fiery situations.

Fraser received his Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the University of Western Ontario and his MBA from UBC Sauder School of Business. Fraser is also a longstanding animal activist who has served as Captain for Sea Shepherd on multiple campaigns worldwide.

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