Stephanie Fan

Stephanie Fan

Partner M&A, Tiny

Stephanie Fan is a partner at Tiny, an M&A firm. Stephanie has over seven years of experience in the corporate finance industry. Stephanie started their career at KPMG as a senior accountant and was promoted to associate vice president after three years. In their role at KPMG, Stephanie worked on a variety of M&A and capital markets transactions. Stephanie also advised clients on strategy, valuation, and financial modeling.

In 2017, Stephanie left KPMG to join Tiny as a partner. In their role at Tiny, Stephanie leads the firm’s M&A practice and is responsible for all aspects of the transaction process, from origination to closing. Stephanie has closed over 30 transactions since joining Tiny.

Stephanie Fan has a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from The University of British Columbia and Steveston-London Secondary School.

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