This behind-the-scenes discussion dives deep into the June 2019 $750M+ CAD strategic acquisition of Intelex Technologies ULC byIndustrial Scientific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortive Corporation.  Not only was this one of the largest Canadian exits in 2019, it was one of the top five largest Canadian technology company exits in the last decade.       

The groundwork for the successful acquisition was put in place many years before the exit.  The process itself was tactically grueling with many twists and turns.      

  After attending this session, you will understand:   

  • What strategies were successful and what Intelex may have done differently if they went through their process again.   
  • How Intelex maintained process tension throughout their discussions with interested parties  
  • Why Industrial Scientific made the decision to acquire Intelex, and what factors impacted the sale price   
  • Who the key stakeholders were throughout the sales process and how they were influenced
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