Conference Overview

The current global economic environment, geopolitical tensions, and regulatory uncertainties have had a significant impact on the funding landscape. It has resulted in decreasing valuations for many tech companies and sluggish deal flow – not to mention a concerning increase in job cuts. Despite a resilient market, the path to success in 2024 will be paved with challenges. Investors have become more cautious and primarily focused on investing in high-quality companies with a clear path to profitability or optionality. In contrast, private equity firms have taken center stage in the tech M&A landscape. With significant cash to burn, aggressive deal teams, and a keen eye for value, they are actively seeking acquisition opportunities. As a tech company executive or owner, it is crucial to understand the current M&A environment so you can navigate through these tumultuous times and come out on top! 

Since 2017, has been educating technology entrepreneurs on the importance of M&A readiness for companies looking to sell and those aiming to acquire. By attending, you can gain tangible tips to help you confidently react to acquisition opportunities. You will also hear from major and under-the-radar acquirers and the players who are making deals happen in the current market. This is your chance to connect with those responsible for the biggest acquisition and exit success stories. 


Main Stage

Get inspired, learn, and hear from the biggest acquisition and exit success stories from this past year and connect with the players that made them happen.



Must-attend sessions to learn how to acquire a technology company and what pitfalls to avoid.


Getting Acquired

Tactical sessions on what it takes to get ready for an acquisition, even if you have no plans to sell.

Topics Addressed:

The State of Tech M&A

Gain insights into market dynamics, industry disruptors, key sectors, emerging trends, strategic partnerships, valuations, new business opportunities, liquidity options, and ways to monetize GenAI. 

Search Funds

Dive into the dynamic world of Search Funds and discover a unique investment model in which entrepreneurs search for promising businesses to acquire and grow. Discover the roadmap for buying businesses and leading them to the next level. 

The Future of Private Capital

Unravel the secrets of wealth generation and growth. Explore the intricacies of family offices, the fastest-growing private capital sector, as they teach you how to navigate the delicate balance of wealth generation transfer and tackle challenges in deal flow. Gain insights into the driving forces propelling their growth and uncover the types of deals that pique their interest

Exit Options

Navigating exit options requires careful consideration and analysis of the relative strength of the company, the makeup of the investors, and the ultimate long-term goals of the founders and investors. While this can be overwhelming for founders, having different exit options will help you make informed decisions. 

Your M&A Growth Strategy 

Learn everything you need to know when buying a technology company. Discover how to spot strategic opportunities, what to look out for, what to avoid, how to successfully integrate acquired companies and how/when to build your corporate development team for growth and success. 

Alternative Financing & Liquidity  

Founders often worry about financing and liquidity. Gain insights on navigating alternative financing scenarios, recapitalizations and other liquidity options that may allow you toto fuel growth and achieve your business objectives. 

Strategies for Growth and Profitability

Buyers are always interested in well-performing, capital-efficient companies with strong margin profiles and minimal cyclicality. However, the number of quality deals has decreased compared to the amount of capital looking to be deployed, making the competition for quality deals even more challenging. Can you capitalize on this? At, we'll profile recently exited founders AND acquirers who are actively looking. 

The Impact of Capital Formations 

Capital formation is the driving force behind successful deals. It not only provides the financial backbone for innovation and expansion, but also gives negotiation leverage. Access to capital helps boost market liquidity and investor confidence, fueling economic growth. In a constantly evolving landscape, capital formation remains integral to deal-making success, shaping strategies and unlocking value. Learn about the impact of capital formations on deals and strategies to secure funding in the current market. 

Deal Killers

Learn tools and advice to avoid acquisition pitfalls, including avoiding "deal fatigue," handling confidentiality, and ensuring things don't go off the rails during the due diligence phase. 

Founder Acquisition Stories Untold 

Get insider knowledge from tech entrepreneurs with exits who have been there before. Hear what worked, what didn't, and what they would do differently. 

Due Diligence

Running a healthy business requires diligent efforts to uncover opportunities and mitigate risks. That's why due diligence is crucial to ensure that you are "exit ready". Learn the due diligence process, how to identify potential obstacles and maximizes the value of your business. 


Understand the different factors that drive your company's valuation. Learn how investors and acquirers value acquisition targets and how market volatilities impact the investment landscape. 

And More! is the go-to event for technology industry players who want to understand the ins and outs of both selling and buying technology companies.