Why Attend TechExit.io

By attending TechExit.io. you’ll understand what you need in place to be able to act intelligently to unsolicited in-bound acquisition interest, or to be able to move quickly should consolidation start happening in your industry. 

If you are mapping out your buy-side acquisition strategy, you’ll want to know about the enormous opportunities to partner, merge and acquire. How can you make strategic acquisitions for profitable growth or talent? What are your competitors doing and what are current market opportunities? Learn from experienced corporate buyers, bankers, investors, lawyers and startup Founders and CEOs with M&A experience. 

For Founders

  • Get “M&A ready” today!
  • Hear from fellow founders with M&A experience. Learn from their stories and their mistakes.
  • Connect with Canada’s most M&A savvy investors and advisors – the ones that make deals happen.  


  • Connect with founders and tech entrepreneurs looking to grow, buy companies or take chips off the table.
  • Find future deal flow by connecting with investment bankers, M&A lawyers and fellow investors.
  • Keep your finger on the pulse of the M&A market and the ecosystem in Canada.


  • Connect with tech entrepreneurs in need of solutions as they continue to grow their companies.
  • Network with the M&A ecosystem. 
Despite the downturn that Canada’s tech market is facing, M&A will continue to play a key role for tech companies in 2023. The market conditions, uncertainty and volatility create enormous opportunities to share ideas, to partner, to merge and acquire. Canadian tech remains home to attractive assets and dynamic dealmakers.