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Michael Garrity
Michael Garrity
Executive Chair, Financeit
"Welcome to TechExit.io! I’m pleased to be hosting the annual TechExit Conference in Vancouver. This conference is the only conference of its kind in Canada–focused solely on mergers and acquisitions strategies for technology companies. Whether you’re a Founder, Investor or M&A advisor, you will hear actionable ideas to navigate M&A opportunities - directly from some of Canada’s most experienced deal-makers.

I hope you enjoy it!"


May 8, 2024


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TechExit.io Features seasoned M&A industry vets, corporate development professionals and entrepreneurs that have been there before. You’ll learn tangible tips to help you react confidently to acquisition opportunities — how to respond, negotiate, structure and successfully close deals. You’ll understand what you need in place to be able to act intelligently to unsolicited in-bound acquisition interest, or to be able to move quickly should consolidation start happening in your industry. Most importantly, you will hear from the biggest acquisition and exit success stories and connect with the players that made them happen.

Main Stage

Get inspired, learn, and hear from the biggest acquisition and exit success stories from this past year and connect with the players that made them happen.


Acquiring a tech company  

Must-attend sessions to learn how to acquire a technology company and what pitfalls to avoid.


Getting Acquired

Tactical sessions on what it takes to get ready for an acquisition, even if you have no plans to sell.

Topics Addressed:

The State of Tech M&A

Learn about market dynamics, market maps, partners, key sectors, trends, multiples, industry consolidation, new business avenues, liquidity options & more.

Establishing Your M&A Mindset

Learn the M&A process, roadmap, and steps to successfully plan for both sell-side and buy-side acquisitions. Learn how to operate and run your business while embedding process that will improve M&A outcomes.

"Handling" Unexpected Acquisition Offers

Learn why you need to be “M&A Ready” from day one and how to start preparing for a potential knock on the door – even if you have no plans to exit.

Your M&A Growth Strategy

Learn everything you need to know when buying a technology company. How to spot strategic opportunities, what to look out for, what to avoid, how to successfully onboard acquired companies and how/when to build your corporate development team.

Founder Acquisition Stories Untold

A behind-the-scenes tell all from tech entrepreneurs with exits who have been there before. What worked, what didn’t, and what they would do differently given the chance.

Founder-Led M&A

Learn everything you need to know when it comes to early-stage M&A without an in-house corporate development team.

Partial Exits & Two-Part Exits

Learn about recapitalizations and other liquidity options that may allow you to take chips off the table.

Deal Terms, Types and Negotiation Tactics

Learn about common deal types, expected agreement terms, and ways to retain and enhance bargaining power.  Deep dive into how a professionally managed process can exponentially increase proceeds.

Valuation Check-In

Understand historical and future saas valuations including the metrics that matter to buyers and the ones that are most likely to lead to a favourable acquisition.

Deal Killers

Learn tools and advice to avoid acquisition pitfalls including how to avoid “deal fatigue,” how to handle confidentiality and how to ensure things don’t go off the rails during the due diligence phase.

The Right M&A Team

Understand what the ideal M&A team is, how to select the best external advisors for your business, what your M&A team will cost and how they are compensated.

Post-Merger Integrations (& Challenges)

How and what to prioritize to protect and grow the value of your asset.

In the Mind of Your Acquirer

Understand different potential buyers for your organization including strategic and private/growth equity, financial buyers and their motivations. Dive into the metrics your potential acquirer is looking for.

And More!

TechExit.io is the go-to event for technology industry players who want to understand the ins and outs of both selling and buying technology companies.

The Early Bird deadline is Wednesday, March 23. Mark your calendars.  

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